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Doing Business with Thais? Stop Offending Everyone!

Doing Business with Thais? Stop Offending Everyone! Whether you’ve been in Thailand for years or are new to the country, you may often find yourself getting funny looks or a cold feeling from some of your Thai colleagues or business contacts. You might even wonder what, exactly, you have done to offend them. Though Thais are very polite and would never be as bold as to say what you have done wrong, they will remember your mistakes. Instead of waiting to [...]

Kharafi Group Scam Alert

Over the past week, Silk Legal has been contacted by numerous companies inquiring about forming a Thailand based company to complete a funding transaction.  Immediately, we became suspicious and started to ask some specific questions in order to identify red flags.  This is simple scam where an investment into a company is promised and the scammer is insisting on creating a Thai company in order to facilitate the investment.  The money is then supposed to flow from the Thai [...]