Monthly Archives - January 2016

Importing Alcohol to Thailand

Thai regulations on alcohol products There are two types of alcohol to be imported into Thailand as defined by the Liquor Act of 1950 and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act of 2008: distilled spirit and un-distilled spirit. Distilled spirits is alcohol over 15% like vodka, rum, or brandy and un-distilled spirit is alcohol under 15% like wine or beer. The Ministry of Finance (Excise Department), which monitors the alcohol industry in Thailand, requires alcohol importers to fill out form “SOR2/74” and [...]

Silk Legal Moves Into New Offices

Silk Legal is pleased to announce we have moved into new offices at RSU Tower which is a 5-minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS station. Our new offices will allow Silk Legal to continue to grow and provide our clients with exceptional service.