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Thailand’s Trade and Investment Support Office

What is a TISO? A Trade and Investment Support Office (TISO) is a category of business that is promoted by the Board of Investment of Thailand. The TISO is not actually a type of business activity per se nor is it an activity specific to any particular industry, but rather it forms a collection of various businesses which are deemed to be potentially supportive of trade and investment in the country in general. As a result, the TISO is a [...]

BOI E-Commerce Platforms in Thailand

Thailand is currently experiencing a massive growth in opportunities related to e-commerce with current estimates for the next five years predicting an average growth of 18.2% per year.  Thailand has one of the highest internet and mobile internet adoption throughout Southeast Asia.  Furthermore, Thai companies that are adopting social media and messaging platforms such as LINE have seen even faster growth as Thais have quickly adopted to purchasing goods and services through mobile devices. Over the past year, Silk Legal [...]

In the Wake of Brexit: What to Expect Across Thailand and ASEAN Economies

Although outcomes of the UK Referendum decision will be felt globally – largely in the form of increased volatility among currencies and stock prices – adverse effects on Asian economies are projected to be relatively mild.  The most considerable damages are expected to land in Hong Kong, Vietnam and India, where trade ties to the UK are strongest; however, damages to region will be limited by Asia’s minimal trade ties to Britain. According to London based research firm, Capital Economics, [...]

FinTech Law in Thailand

You have probably heard about FinTech. Unless you have been living on a deserted island talking to an imaginary friend named Wilson, which can actually happen from time-to-time in Thailand, you will know it is one of the hottest buzz phrases in startups and technology at the moment. Financial Technology “FinTech” comprises of technologies such as blockchain, crowdfunding, peer to peer (P2P) lending, e-wallets, robo advisors, digital platforms, m-commerce, financial analytics, payments, financial security and risk management just to [...]