Practice Areas

Silk Legal Co., Ltd is a law firm operating in the British Virgin Islands that specializes in regulations surrounding business, technology, and blockchain. Our dynamic team of proficient and experienced lawyers possesses the knowledge to solve a wide range of challenges in a variety of different practices.

  • Shipping Registration

    The British Virgin Islands is a prime destination for shipping registration. Silk Legal can help you maximize the regulatory benefits afforded by the jurisdiction to ensure your maritime assets are secure.
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  • Commercial & Corporate

    With extensive experience in the field, Silk Legal is well-positioned to provide legal counsel on your commercial and corporate activities in the British Virgin Islands.
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  • Licensing and Permits

    Silk Legal is highly experienced in dealing with British Virgin Islands (BVI) offshore vehicles for a variety of purposes. From asset protection, investment funds and holding companies in a variety of global jurisdictions, we have the relationship and partners to meet your needs.
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