Making a M1NT in Thailand: The Shareholder Nightclub Investment Model

Imagine walking up to a nightclub with your friends and being greeted by name at the door, getting whisked away to the VIP floor and enjoying free champagne while you savour your evening. Sound like something only celebrities get to experience? Well now, you can be there too, enjoying the good life. You might be familiar with M1NT, the luxury shareholder nightclubs in Shanghai and Hong Kong. You might even know that they were amongst the first to offer a [...]

5 Steps to Getting a Business Visa in Thailand

So many people dream of coming to Thailand to start a business, work for a company and legally remain long-term in the country they love. Conflicting information also abounds about how to get a business visa in Thailand. Here are 5 Steps You Need to Take to Get Your Thai Business Visa: 1 – Letter of Offer: This is a letter offering a work prospect from a company based in Thailand. if you have this, you’ll be able to skip most [...]

Pros and Cons of Startups in Bangkok

Pros and Cons of Startups in Bangkok Thinking about launching your hot new startup in Thailand? Imagining yourself sipping fresh coconut water by the pool with a laptop by your side, living the true entrepreneur’s dream? We at Silk Legal applaud your dream of entrepreneurship in Thailand and hope we can partner with you in your venture. After all, we are the go-to legal firm for start-up law and can help you easily and affordably accomplish legal company formation, secure business [...]