Getting a Mortgage in Thailand

What You Need to Know About Getting a Mortgage in Thailand Though it used to be that Thai home buyers bought houses primarily with cash, savings or through direct arrangement with sellers; that’s changing as Bangkok and other parts of Thailand become more modernized. Today, many Bangkokians opt for the same style of mortgages that are popular through much of the Western world. Here are a few things that might be somewhat different about mortgages in Thailand:   The Age Factor One stipulation [...]

Making a M1NT in Thailand: The Shareholder Nightclub Investment Model

Imagine walking up to a nightclub with your friends and being greeted by name at the door, getting whisked away to the VIP floor and enjoying free champagne while you savour your evening. Sound like something only celebrities get to experience? Well now, you can be there too, enjoying the good life. You might be familiar with M1NT, the luxury shareholder nightclubs in Shanghai and Hong Kong. You might even know that they were amongst the first to offer a [...]