Thailand’s EEC: a global gateway to Asia services

The Thai government in conjunction with the Board of Investment recently announced the new Thailand 4.0 economic model, known as the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), which is the enhancement programme for three provinces on Thailand’s eastern seaboard. Manufacturing development in the past 30 years within these three provinces of Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong has served as a pilot for an economic gateway to Asia. Under the EEC, these provinces will be developed to support 10 industries promoted by Thailand’s Board [...]

VC and Thai Corporations: Navigating Local Law

As the venture capital (VC) market continues to grow, Thai start-ups are a natural focus for VC firms interested in Southeast Asian investment. Start-ups making use of new technology have a need for initial capital, are interested in disrupting existing markets, and offer potentially large equity returns on investment – a perfect asset for the investment portfolio of many VCs, which have the available capital to seed new ventures and bet on the next new thing, rather than financing [...]

Check Legal Issues First for Thai Cash Pooling Option

Since the global economic downturn, cash pooling has become an increasingly relevant option for multinational corporations (MNCs) as a cash management technique. In general, cash pooling is used when MNCs wish to reduce their external financing needs and allow one company, a “corporate treasury centre”, to manage inter-group financing. As each group company normally has its own accounts, these separate accounts are “pooled” together and managed as one net account, allowing group companies to operate under a single financial policy. [...]

Bank of Thailand Public Hearing on Guidance to Participate the Regulatory Sandbox

Thailand’s FinTech regulation is evolving and 2017 will be an exception year for financial innovation within Thailand.  The Bank of Thailand (“BOT”) has published consultation papers on how the proposed regulatory regime using a “Sandbox” approach will function.  This regulatory sandbox will allow FinTech firms and financial instructions the ability to test their products in a system that will allow real world trials, while providing consumer protection. Silk Legal is pleased to provide an unofficial English translation of the most [...]

Loophole From Unlawful Shareholders’ Resolutions

The systems for governance and maintain­ing balance within the management of a company require important mechanisms to successfully meet business objectives and generate value for all stakeholders. Such mechanisms run best when they are specifically stated in writing, and outline who holds the authority to direct the company on the level of management policy. The mech­anisms should be stated in the company regulations, the joint venture agreement, or the shareholders’ agreement. This specification of policy may include matters related to finance, [...]