Monetary Requirements for Retirement Visa

Monetary Requirements for Retirement Visa Dreaming of making the most of your pension by retiring on a gorgeous Thai beach? Looking forward to living in a place where your money goes a bit further and you can finally relax and enjoy yourself? Great. Thailand welcomes retirees and even offers them a special visa. Silk Legal can help you to procure your retirement visa and renew it through each happy, healthy year of your Thai retirement. Any person over 50 years of age [...]

5 Steps to Getting a Business Visa in Thailand

So many people dream of coming to Thailand to start a business, work for a company and legally remain long-term in the country they love. Conflicting information also abounds about how to get a business visa in Thailand. Here are 5 Steps You Need to Take to Get Your Thai Business Visa: 1 – Letter of Offer: This is a letter offering a work prospect from a company based in Thailand. if you have this, you’ll be able to skip most [...]