Offshore & Funds

Silk Legal is highly experienced in dealing with offshore vehicles for a variety of purposes.  From asset protection, investment funds and holding companies in a variety of global jurisdictions, we have the relationship and partners to meet your needs.  Silk Legal is also dedicated to the highest level of confidentiality and IT security for our offshore clients.

With our global partners we consult on a large number of offshore jurisdictions and have years of experience finding the best solution for every unique need, want and situation. We are highly-skilled in the creation of unique investment and holding vehicles for professionals, high-earners, company founders/directors and those with inherited wealth. Let us guide you on: setting up investment funds, offshore corporations, foundations, trusts, and other systems for privately investing wealth. We have solutions in a variety of jurisdictions of your choosing or all over the world.

We offer a host of customized, discreet technical offshore services. We can help you to efficiently transfer assets, create companies, craft tax-efficient offshore corporate structures, assist in opening bank and brokerage accounts, liability protection and more.

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