At Silk Legal, we prioritize the importance of tax and returns for both business and individual clients. We advise on numerous aspects of tax models to ensure correct imposition of tax and filing for a given business structure or trade, in accordance with the evolving tax laws. Our focus lies in minimizing tax burdens of our clients within the applicable legal frame of the country.

We offer strategic tax planning designed to protect clients’ interests and assets geared towards maximizing output and value. Our team of tax specialists regularly advise different businesses ranging from small startups and founders to MNCs and conglomerates, with point to point guidance to match the changing landscapes.

With our international team of experts, we do not confine ourselves to the jurisdiction of Thailand. Be it a foreign direct investment or a joint venture with a foreign entity, we advise on tax, rebate, exemption, relief and other forms of structured finance that benefit our clients in planning their investments and transactions. In the case of individual and expatriates, we are skilled at guiding and structuring their remittance and repatriation to and from home countries in light of applicable double taxation treaties.

Given the overlap of law and accounts certain instances, Silk Legal is happy to collaborate with clients’ retained accountants, advisors and bankers in structuring modes of finance and tax.

Our specializations in the arena of tax include, but are by no means limited to, corporate tax, finance tax, M&A tax, employment and incentive tax, investment tax, double taxation reliefs, property tax, indirect tax, wealth structuring, tax litigation etc.

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