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ANZAC Day is 25 April.  ANZAC Stands for Australia & New Zealand Army Corps.  The day is a day of remembrance, celebrated with a dawn service across Australia, New Zealand and various significant locations around the world. ANZAC Dawn Services are held at sunrise on 25 April to remember those who gave their lives for freedom and liberty. 

This year, Dr. Paul Crosio joined the dawn service together with his family in Sydney, Australia, where his mother laid a wreath, and Alex Hayden-Gilbert attended the dawn service for the second year at Hellfire Pass, Kanchanaburi, Thailand, following which, he joined the New Zealand – Thai Chamber of Commerce in supporting their activities supporting the crowds who attended Hellfire Pass.

Alex worked with the New Zealand chamber to provide the gunfire breakfast, another ANZAC tradition. 

Last year Alex and Dr. Paul represented Silk Legal on the Austcham organized outing to the dawn service.  To find out more about their experience and the meaning behind ANZAC Day and the traditions click here

Hellfire Pass is chosen as the place of remembrance in Thailand due to the large loss of life for both war prisoners and local Thais who were pressed into service in cutting through the solid rock cliffs with hand tools under gruelling conditions.

Silk Legal are proud to be members of the Australian and New Zealand Communities in Thailand. We are committed to engaging with the community and providing support for various initiatives. To learn more about our Corporate, Social, and Responsibility activities, please visit our CSR page.

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