Clarifying Thai Cannabis Regulations: Silk Legal and Highland Network Hosts Medical Cannabis Seminar

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With the National Legislative Assembly passing the Medical Cannabis Act in December last year, there has been substantial interest among entrepreneurs and corporate players regarding the new Act and its inferences on those who wish to establish medical cannabis ventures in the Kingdom. To demystify the Act, Silk Legal and Highland Network organized the ‘Seminar on Medical Cannabis Regulations in Thailand’ on 28th March 2019, drawing members of Thailand’s business community as well as other stakeholders.


During the seminar, Kitty Chopaka of Highland Network discussed the history of both medical and recreational cannabis in Thailand, highlighting the substance’s various uses prior to it being outlawed. She also gave an outline of the general process countries take towards cannabis legalization; with Thailand currently being at the stage of legalization for medical purposes despite not having decriminalized the substance, which is often the preliminary stage prior to legalization.


The discussion also covered the current state of Thailand’s regulations surrounding medical cannabis which, while promulgated, is still undergoing developments and modifications. The seminar was then concluded with a question-and-answer session, where questions regarding the Act’s effects on businesses seeking to venture into medical cannabis in the Kingdom as well as the type of activities permitted were examined.


Silk Legal and Highland Network would like to thank all attendees who came to the seminar and contributed to a fruitful discussion about the developments in medical cannabis regulations in the Kingdom.


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