COO Alex Hayden-Gilbert Discusses ‘How to Avoid Getting Hacked’ in Webinar Hosted by BCCT Digital Working Group

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Thanks to a deluge of overly dramatized movies and shows, hacking is commonly portrayed as a clandestine effort carried out by hooded figures in dimly lit basements, employing very sophisticated code to breach secure computer systems. However, the reality often involves something much simpler: coaxing unsuspecting individuals into revealing sensitive information to fraudsters. This misconception was one of the key points addressed by Alex Hayden-Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer of Silk Legal, during his presentation on hacking at the British Chamber of Commerce (BCCT) Digital Working Group webinar held on February 27, 2024.

With the alarming surge in online fraud both in Thailand and globally, there is a pressing need to illuminate the intricate and diverse landscape of scams impacting the public. Alex underscored that individuals aren’t the sole targets; multinational corporations with supposedly robust cybersecurity systems are also at risk.

“No one is ever entirely immune,” he emphasized during his presentation, stressing the importance of recognizing and responding to warning signs promptly.

Alex delved into the various methods employed by hackers, such as malware on physical media, phishing links and trojans, as well as the perils of recycling passwords. He also highlighted the role of psychological manipulation in hacking attempts and outlined measures individuals can take to safeguard themselves.

We extend our gratitude to the BCCT Digital Working Group for affording us the opportunity to engage with the community and share our expertise where it matters most. We trust that the attendees gleaned invaluable insights from this webinar and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to contribute.

To find out more about Silk Legal’s engagement with the community, please feel free to visit our CSR page. For more information or inquiries about matters related to personal data protection, cybersecurity, and technology, please reach out to us at [email protected].


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