Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny, harmless text files that are downloaded to your device or stored in your browser by websites you visit. Cookies provide us with information about how users interact with our site, such as the number of visitors to the site, the pages they visit and the length of time spent on the site. They do not cause any damage to your hardware, nor do they transmit viruses. However, they can be intrusive and gather personal data and user behaviour without your consent. Silk Legal does not want to gather personal data; our use of cookies is transparent and solely for the purposes of optimising our website user experience and online advertising practices. The information that our cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

More information about how cookies can affect your user experience can be found here.

How do I Manage Cookies?

You may change your browser settings to delete and block cookies, or you can click ‘reject’ on our cookie widget, as shown below:

Disabling cookies on our site can disrupt its functionality and presentation; we recommend you click accept so that your user experience is as close to the level of quality we intend to deliver as possible.

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What Cookies are Used on this Site?

Cookie Name Source Purpose Personal Data Usage Expires
PHPSESSID Session cookie Stores a message returned from the contact form that can be displayed on other pages None Browser closure
UTMA Google Analytics Identifies unique visitors. None 2 years
UTMB Google Analytics Tracks a single session across multiple pages. None 30 minutes
UTMC Google Analytics Legacy cookie, only used for backwards-compatibility with older products None Browser closure
UMTZ Google Analytics Tracks referral, (how the user found the site), .e.g. Ad campaign, search engine, social media, etc. None 6 months

Google Analytics cookies are harmless and respect your privacy and anonymity. They allow us to monitor user behaviour and continuously optimise our website. They alert us to issues such as which pages have technical problems, content that needs updating, what countries users are visiting us from and other useful metrics and dimensions.


We also use retargeting (some call it ‘remarketing’) for some of our ads, which allows us to display ads targeting users who have previously visited our site. We may choose to acquire users via Google Ads and then retarget ads to them via Facebook. This does not give us the Facebook accounts of our site visitors, rather it just allows us to target site visitors via Facebook ads, retaining their anonymity. However, if we retarget users via Facebook ads and they comment on the ads, they will reveal their Facebook profiles and forfeit their anonymity, which we take as voluntary. The same goes for Twitter and LinkedIn ads.

By continuing to use this site without changing your settings you consent to our use of cookies as described above.

Third Party Sites

We are not responsible for cookies acquired from visiting third party sites that are linked to from this site.

Updates to Cookies Policy

We keep this Cookies Policy updated as frequently as needed, but occasionally we may be testing new tools or platforms that use cookies and still be in the process of amending this policy. It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of and consent to the use of all cookies on this site. This policy was last updated in October 2018.