Dr. Jason Corbett Becomes Full Member of the International Insolvency Institute

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Dr. Jason Corbett has been admitted as a full-fledged member of the International Insolvency Institute (“III”), an exclusive non-profit organization committed to progressing and promoting insolvency as a prolific discipline in the international field. At present, he is the only member and representative of the III in Thailand.

His membership in the Institute is testament to his expertise in bankruptcy practice, particularly in the realm of creditor’s rights, restructuring, and debt collection. It also highlights his years of experience working with both local and international firms that wish to conduct various legal procedures related to bankruptcy across various jurisdictions. On top of providing counsel to a number of different stakeholders, Dr. Corbett will contribute towards promoting best practices in bankruptcy to enrich the community of bankruptcy practitioners.

For those seeking legal counsel regarding issues related to bankruptcy, Silk Legal specializes in several activities in this practice area, including filing for insolvency, resolving distressed M&A issues, and US Chapter 11 proceedings related to cross-border restructuring. To get in touch with Dr. Corbett and our lawyer, or for more information, please feel free to use the contact form provided.


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