Dr. Paul Crosio Attends Elevating Cannabis Expo 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand

Senior Counsel Dr. Paul Crosio attended the 2019 Elevating Cannabis Expo in Bangkok where he not only met with key stakeholders in the global legal cannabis industry, but also spoke at a panel about Thailand’s cannabis regulations.

During the discussion, he summarized Thailand’s existing laws surrounding medical cannabis and clarified several commonly held misconceptions about its legalization in the Kingdom. He also examined the government’s policies regarding licenses as well as the sanctioned uses for cannabis in the country. Other topics that were covered included the Single Convention of 1961’s role in government Thailand’s Narcotics Act and the legal status of hemp.

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  • John Mendiola

    John is an experienced copywriter who has worked for several NGOs writing about humanitarian issues, and has been researching legal issues for 5 years. He has had articles published on a number of fields, including economics and blockchain.