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With approval from the Thai cabinet, the Ministry of Interior will be receiving this year’s round of applications for permanent residence starting from August 2020 until the end of the year. Permanent residency in Thailand has been of significant interest among foreign nationals who have lived in the country for a considerable amount of time as it provides several benefits that are not available to those on a temporary stay visa.

The benefits afforded to permanent residents are numerous and well-suited for those with family or business interests in Thailand. With permanent residency, foreign nationals no longer need to apply for annual extensions or stay, report their address every 90 days, and comply with TM. 30 requirements. Moreover, permanent residents can be registered on a house registration document for easier dealings with government institutions, are no longer required to bring in funds from overseas to purchase Thai real estate, and generally have an easier time taking out loans from Thai banks.

While several categories exist, applicants are generally required to have worked in Thailand for 3 consecutive years with a valid non-immigrant visa and work permit. They are also required to have been employed at their current workplace for at least a year and must earn a minimum salary of 80,000 Baht a month with which they have been filing tax returns. Of course, these are general requirements and may change depending on the status of the applicant.

Generally speaking, applications are accepted if applicants can show that they are able to meet the basic requirements for attaining permanent residency and can demonstrate their dedication towards living permanently in Thailand through their work history, family ties, or other personal activities. Moreover, those adjudicating permanent residency applications tend to weigh heavily on an applicant’s ability to speak basic Thai, being clear of any criminal records in both Thailand and their home country, as well as having the educational background or skill sets that can contribute to the advancement of the country.

Once an application has been accepted, applicants will be invited to an interview with officials from various ministries who will ultimately make the final recommendations to the Minister of Interior. The discussion, which will be recorded on video, will be conducted in Thai and will cover several topics about the applicant and why they seek permanent residence in Thailand. Ultimately, it will be at the discretion of the Interior Minister whether an application is approved or not.

Nonetheless, it is best to approach applications for permanent residency on a case-by-case basis given that each applicant is under different circumstances. Silk Legal can work with you on your application to ensure that you have a good chance of approval. Contact us at [email protected].


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