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Monetary Requirements for Marriage Visa

Have you married a Thai citizen or are you considering marrying one? Are you wondering about how to successfully apply for and receive a marriage visa? If so, congratulations on finding love in Thailand and let Silk Legal provide the answers you need to get your marriage visa.

Anyone who is married to a Thai national and meets certain financial criteria is eligible to apply for what is officially called the “1-Year Extension of Stay Based on Marriage” visa. Once you meet the monetary requirements, obtaining a marriage visa can be a breeze and the experts at Silk Legal can help you every step of the way.

Upon approval, marriage visas are good for one year and are renewable for each year that you remain married. Unlike many other types of visa, there is no need for the holder to exit the country every three months. Marriage visas also allow the holder to legally work in Thailand as long as they can also obtain a work permit. These monetary requirements include:

1.) A bank balance of THB 400,000 that has been held in a Thai bank account for two months


2.) A monthly income of THB 40,000 that can be confirmed by a letter from the applicant’s home embassy


3.) A combination of the bank balance held in a Thai account and yearly income that equal a total of 400,000 THB.

To provide proof of meeting these financial requirements, Thai officials will require a copy of your up-to-date bank book as well as an official letter from your bank stating that the money has remained in your account for more than two months.

The government is quite strict about enforcing these monetary requirements and it’s best to know this when making a decision about what kind of visa to apply for. After all, they need to ensure that you will be able to care for, not only yourself while residing in the country, but possibly a Thai spouse and any children you might have while living in the country on a marriage visa.

The monetary requirements listed above will need to proven annually when you go to renew your marriage visa. You will need to make sure that you maintain your bank balance and income to continue to meet the requirements or risk being denied your marriage visa.

The financial assets needed for marriage visas and the legal paperwork required by the Thai government can change overnight in response to events happening both inside of Thailand and internationally. Let Silk Legal be your one-stop source of information and help with all of your visa and legal concerns. We process marriage visas quickly and efficiently. Get in touch today and begin living in matrimony in Thailand sooner!


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