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Supreeya Wongphard

Senior Accountant

Supreeya is a meticulous Accounting Officer at Silk Legal, where she has been instrumental in maintaining financial integrity and operational efficiency. With a focus on accounts payable and costing, Supreeya diligently prepares analysis reports, monthly costing reports, and meticulously records and verifies all transactions. Her responsibilities extend to ensuring accurate and timely booking of vendor invoices, and reconciliation of various accounts such as payments. Committed to compliance, Supreeya adheres closely to company rules and regulations while ensuring the timely submission of reports and accounting schedules. Prior to her role at Silk Legal, Supreeya gained valuable experience as an Accounting Officer at CNH Industrial Services, where she efficiently handled employee claims, tax remittance, and coordinated with credit card companies. With her comprehensive skill set and dedication, Supreeya consistently contributes to the financial health and regulatory compliance of the organization.


Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting Major), Assumption University, 2018

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The Secret, Rhonda Byrne


Shopping, going to live concerts, trying new food

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