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Every relationship has ups and downs or the occasional conflict. Silk Legal has a dedicated dispute team ready to advise clients on quick resolutions.

There are three key ways to resolve disputes and conflicts:

  1.  Mediation
  2.  Arbitration
  3. Litigation or a lawsuit.

Business can involve risks but your choice of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers should not. Our lawyers recognize that effective advocacy comes in many forms, and you are best served when you can select the best way of resolving your issues from an array of available options. Silk Legal has a dedicated and experienced dispute resolution team ready to assist and advise you.

At Silk Legal, we conduct matters in all major Thai courts and tribunals. We use cutting-edge AI and e-discovery technology to maximize cost efficiency. 

In today’s complex legal environment, arbitration, expert determination and mediation often supplement traditional litigation as preferred mechanisms for the resolution of disputes confronting your business, and should be written into the original contract.  Managing and resolving disputes outside of traditional court litigation is an important part of our practice. While this practice builds upon our traditional litigation practice, it also requires special advocacy, case management and strategic skills.

Our lawyers and partners have experience in all aspects of dispute resolution. We have successfully handled many cases, participated in key organizations which have structured and administered the dispute resolution processes, as well as served as party-appointed arbitrators.  Silk Legal, through careful drafting of contracts, create dispute resolution programs for the more efficient management of routine conflicts that can arise in even the best-managed business to ensure that even when things go wrong, it is handled in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

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At the start of a litigation, the judge will always ask the parties if they have attempted to resolve the dispute between themselves and the court will provide a formal mediation setting to discuss the matter.

Thailand also recognizes results from mediation so companies can skip the long drawn out process of traditional dispute resolution if they’re willing to abide by the outcomes of the mediation.

Thailand has 3 general arbitration centers, including the Thai , and is a member of UNCITRAL.

The three arbitration centers include:

  1.  The Office of the Arbitration Tribunal of The Board of Trade of Thailand;
  2. The Thai Arbitration Institute of the Office of the Judiciary (TAI), and;
  3. The Thai Arbitration Centre (THAC) under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice.

Companies can also decide under contract to refer all arbitration disputes to other arbitration centers, including Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) or Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC).

Litigation is expensive and time consuming. While it may be prevented with sound advice, in some cases it is unavoidable. When it becomes necessary, it is important to manage the process in the most effective and efficient way as possible. Silk Legal assists on various fronts, from pre-assessment of liabilities and damages to representation in all court hearings and procedures.

There are yet other options that may be open to a grieved party.  Other options include filing issues with the ombudsmen, or various regulatory bodies, such as the Consumer Protection Board.

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