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Our real estate practice, which encompasses property due diligence, real estate development, and property ownership, assures our clients that their vested interests in property are fully maximized.

Property Due Diligence

At Silk Legal, we insulate the risks involved by carefully performing detailed analyses of deeds so that the ownership and and titles of a property are made certain. We also ensure that the details laid out in deeds correspond to the records at the Land Office, government permits are in order, and no encroachments are…


Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD), under the Ministry of Natural Resources, requires compliance with a detailed set of environmental laws and guidelines…

Hotel and Hospitality

Our team thoroughly understands laws relevant to the hotel and hospitality industry. Silk Legal has represented various stakeholders, including developers, managers, franchisors, and…

Residential Property

Thai laws surrounding ownership, interest, and attachment of rights to residential properties are complex. Silk Legal ensures these complexities do not get in the way of your endeavors

Real Estate Development

Silk Legal is highly experienced creating effective asset protection law strategies. Between offshore banking and holding companies in a variety of global jurisdictions, we have the relationships to meet your needs…

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