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Charities & Non-Profits

Silk Legal’s non-profit law experts have expertise in registering non-profit organizations in Thailand, whether it be on behalf of an individual philanthropist or a global charity. When establishing a non-profit entity in Thailand, the guidance of legal counsel is indispensable. “Non-profit” organizations, as such, take the form of either a Foreign Private Organization or a Thai legal entity, such as a foundation or association. The bureaucratic procedure involved in registering any of the aforementioned types of juristic entities is quite involving and may take up to a year to complete.

Although charities and NGOs are registered with the Ministry of Interior, the procedure requires consideration and review from different Thai governmental departments before permission is granted to register the entity. Such organizations, similar to for-profit companies, are governed by articles of association and by-laws which require review by a non-profit law expert in order to ensure that the organization operates properly.

Silk Legal has advised international non-profits with their operations in Thailand, including with regards to operations before the formal registration of a local entity. Therefore, we are well-versed with the numerous legal issue issues that such organizations face, such as visa and work permit issues, employment contracts, tax liability, as well as other matters. Furthermore, at Silk Legal, we understand that the aforementioned issues may apply to non-profits different than they would other types of organizations and have the knowledge and experience to tailor solutions optimized specifically for non-profit entities. Regardless of whether their goals are to engage in charity, philanthropy, the promotion of the arts and sciences, or to advance a certain cause, Silk Legal takes great pride in serving as Thailand’s trusted charity law firm.

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