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Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are the key to growth and expansion of businesses are even more important in cross border transactions. Even within Thailand alone, many businesses decide to enter into partnerships for certain projects without locking their business identities and capital permanently. It could be for a construction project or combining the efforts of horizontal market products with a view to achieving a higher economies of scale.

Silk Legal is proficient at structuring and drafting different types of joint venture agreements catering to the needs and objectives of a business.

Foreign entities often find the need to enter into joint ventures while conducting businesses in Thailand. The international markets and businesses environments are governed by different principles and guidelines. We adopt a homogeneous approach in combining these international principles and merge them with applicable laws of Thailand to achieve harmony and fluidity.

The advantages of joint venture companies are paramount in terms of achievement of growth and often done through different legal vehicles be it on a project basis or formation of joint venture company. Our task is to simplify the legal complexities guide clients through the process of getting a joint venture partnership agreement.

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