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Labor & Employment

Understanding labor law and its implications is essential for any business organization in Thailand, no matter whether if it is a startup or a large scale multinational corporation. From the context of running an office to operating a factory in the industrial zone, operation of labor law is key to the success of internal employment policies.

Silk Legal’s team of lawyers are proficient in advising on labor law. Our lawyers advise different types of entities on a broad array of topics including but not limited to, internal employment policies and HR codes, termination, employment benefits, pension schemes, harassment, preparation of service contracts and agreements both domestic and international, resolving boardroom disputes, discrimination, executive remuneration, corporate governance etc.

We are able to advise large-scale corporations on mass layoffs and personnel restructuring in adherence to the labor laws. Our key strength lies in understanding the needs of a corporation and addressing the issues with able hands.

In representation of the management we ensure that the employment practices are set at a high standard and address issues like internal grievances and HR policies along with drafting the necessary pieces of guidelines. We ensure that the corporations abide by the applicable labor laws in taking decisions pertaining to their employees.

In representation of employees and workers, we uphold the law and ensure that their grievances are addressed adequately and ensure fairness and right treatment by the higher management. We represent clients on matters of redundancy, discrimination and unfair dismissals.

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