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Regulatory & Compliance

No successful business can run without adhering to compliance law. Silk Legal knows that and takes a proactive approach to making sure that your firm is and stays compliant with all applicable regulations.

With the reach of our clients’ business every increasing, there is more chance than ever of facing regulatory issues. Thailand has numerous government departments, regulations and unwritten rules that differ from the norm. However, you can depend on your team at Silk Legal to have knowledge of, and experience with, regulatory affairs to ensure that your company abides by compliance law. We are aware of the risks involved if your company isn’t compliant, we will take every measure to make sure to comply.

It is of the utmost importance that you are up to date on all the latest developments and that you are getting the highest-quality advice about compliance and regulatory affairs. Our regulatory practice features lawyers with years of experience guiding corporate entities through the all of the regulation they need to be perfectly complaint in a variety of industries.

Thailand also has at times new businesses that are in an effective legal vacuum as there are no applicable laws or regulations to govern the business. We have extensive experience in determining the grey areas and working with government departments and regulators in finding our clients a legal solution to run their business.

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