Our extensive experience in corporate practice gives us the capacity to offer a broad range of services to emerging companies regardless of what industry they are in. Our multidisciplinary approach not only ensures that rudimentary tasks such as company formation are done with accuracy, we also guarantee that complex matters pertaining to corporate governance, employment, tax, and general compliance are handled in a precise manner.

In this field, we have previously advised clients on multiple fronts, including matters such as equity structures, negotiations with investors, employee compensation, and management systems. We are also adept at advising our clients regarding possible expansions, raising investment capital, and pursuing key transactions that may add value to their business.

Our clients not only include newly formed growth-stage companies seeking to establish operations in Thailand, we have also served investors, accelerators, incubators, consultants, and partners. We have provided guidance at every stage of growth, from the pre-launch stage all the way to exits. By becoming trusted business advisors, we deliver credibility and establish relationships through our connections in the startup ecosystem.

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Mr. Nattapong Poonmaksatid, Head of Legal

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