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Acquiring Visa & Work Permits in Thailand

Visa and work permit regulations in Thailand face constant changes and may be challenging to understand; however, we successfully help our clients navigate application process relevant to their circumstances.

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Type of Visas in Thailand

Transferring an executive to a new post in Thailand is a matter that may entail several difficult requirements that businesses may not be capable of handling. Similarly, a foreign entrepreneur may find that attempting to apply for a Thai business visa and work permit without professional guidance may prove to be extremely challenging, if not impossible.

Silk Legal consists of dedicated professionals who are well-versed in the nuances of Thai immigration and work permit regulations, and are prepared to guide clients through this bureaucratic process. Not only are we able to help clients’ executives and employees successfully acquire business visas and work permits, but we are also capable of understanding the bigger picture and working around their circumstances.

Thailand offers different business visa types depending on a company’s type and its investment size. This means that a company’s entire business model, organizational structure, and expansion plans that necessitate bringing in the most qualified people to Thailand are taken into consideration. This is particularly true if a client wishes to employ foreign staff through a representative office or a BOI-promoted local subsidiary, both of which are subject to a particular set of complex rules and regulations, and can only be accomplished with professional legal advice.

Foreign entrepreneurs also stand to benefit from our professional guidance. The current requirements do not consider the circumstances of foreigners who are founding small and medium-sized enterprises in Thailand. Furthermore, the process is typically more complex for those engaging in more technical businesses with additional requirements for obtaining licenses and permits.

Our professionals have had years of experience as advisors for matters pertaining to corporate and immigration law. We have positioned ourselves as our clients’ trusted advisor for every legal problem regarding business visas and work permits.

Silk Legal accommodates long-term executives and employees who wish to stay with family by providing accurate guidance on the processes for securing visas for family members and dependents. We ensure that potential roadblocks or problems with their Visa application or extension are mitigated as much as possible.

Our firm has also successfully assisted foreigners legally married to Thai nationals or are parents to Thai children apply for Non-immigrant Visas. Silk Legal has the capacity to handle potential issues and quickly navigate through complex bureaucratic processes to minimize possible difficulties faced by families. We also handle the Visa application process for foreign spouses or children to foreigners living and working in Thailand.

A retirement Visa is a type of long-term Visa which allows those who meet the listed requirements to enter and remain in Thailand. It is important to note that this Visa type is limited to those of a certain age and require a minimum amount of funds to be maintained in a Thai bank account or a specified monthly income. Silk Legal can successfully assist those eligible for this visa expedite this process by leveraging our well-established understanding of Thai immigration to handle the burdensome and often complex application and extension process.

Permanent Residency is also an option for those who have stayed in Thailand for three consecutive years with the same qualified Visa and appropriate extensions. Other additional requirements for Permanent Residency include meeting a prescribed minimum monthly income and three years of personal tax statements proving the above-stated income and presence in Thailand.

For those looking for full citizenship, a person can file an application to become a naturalized Thai citizen. Requirements include language proficiency, mandatory interviews, and character references. Importantly, the process may be slowed down by required appearances to explain issues or discrepancies in the application which can delay the already lengthy application process. Benefits of obtaining Thai citizenship include the ability to own more than 49% of a Thai company’s shares, rights to own land, and the ability to work in Thailand without a work permit.

We recommend you reach out to us to learn more about these options and how to best approach the complexities involved, and if they are appropriate given your circumstances.

Silk Legal has successfully helped clients acquire the government sponsored Thailand Elite Visa, which is a long-term Visa that enables holders to remain in Thailand for extended periods of time. The validity of this visa ranges from 5 to 20 years depending on the chosen package. In addition, the Thailand Elite Visa offers holders exclusive privileges and numerous perks.

This Visa is appropriate for anyone who lives or regularly visits Thailand but wants to avoid potential issues or lengthy delays due to constant changes in immigration rules. Currently, this visa is an available option for digital nomads wishing to stay in Thailand, retirees who seek to bypass complicated requirements, or investors and business travelers who enter and exit Thailand frequently throughout the year.

Silk Legal can handle the application process on behalf of our clients. We can navigate potential issues arising from being a Thailand Elite card holder. This is especially true for digital nomads, as there are restrictions on work permits for those holding the Thailand Elite Visa and tax implications for those earning income while remaining in Thailand for longer than a total of 180 days in a given year.

Introduced in 2022, the new long-term resident (LTR) visa program allows ‘high-potential’ expats to stay and work in Thailand for up to 10 years and provides various tax and non-tax incentives such as reduced personal income taxes, access to airport fast-track services, and exemption from the re-entry permit requirement.

Silk Legal is familiar with the process of obtaining LTR visas and has successfully helped several clients. Those qualified to obtain an LTR visa include:

  • Wealthy Global Citizens
  • Digital Nomads
  • Wealthy Pensioners
  • Highly Skilled Professionals
  • Dependents of those mentioned above

Silk Legal can handle the application process . We can navigate potential issues and ensure that the process is approached in the right way. For more information about the LTR visa program, click here.

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