Crisis Management

Crisis Management

When faced with an extraordinary event that gives rise to significant levels of legal, financial, and public relations exposure, corporations and its directors need more than ever to remain focused on running its business and seeing the crisis through.

Silk Legal has significant experience in dealing with the unforeseen, thus allowing the crisis management team can free management to focus on the bottom line and help steer the company through difficult times. Our lawyers are experienced in handling multi-faceted problems with multi-forum demands. Whether it is “bet the company” litigation, regulatory proceedings, a criminal investigation and “black swan events”; or, as is often the case, a combination of law enforcement, oversight, and public relations inquiries, Silk Legal’s crisis management has helped companies prepare and respond, minimize legal exposure, and protect the reputation of management and the organization.

Many clients have benefited from a proactive approach towards potential crises long before the crisis intensifies. Preparation is integral to preventing or minimizing the impact of a crisis.  To meet this critical need, Silk Legal helps clients conduct targeted internal investigations and draft crisis management plans and crisis communication plans.

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