Our litigation lawyers are specialized in pursuing and defending actions on behalf of clients in all pertinent fields of law. In spite of ensuring that all forms of negotiation, remedial measures and pre-action protocols encouraging out of court settlements for businesses are exhausted before resorting to court, if a matter needs to be resorted to court, we employ the best trial lawyers.

The focus of our litigation lies in maximum preparation, ensuring that the best results are obtained for clients in light of applicable facts and law. Our trial lawyers are equipped with the best of skills to handle all forms of matters in the areas of civil, criminal, corporate and commercial, corporate fraud, cross border, finance and securities, intellectual property, real estate, property, bankruptcy, shipping, insurance, tenancy dispute, family and labor litigations among others. When needed, our highly trained trial lawyers combine effort with our international lawyers in pursuing or defending a claim particularly in matters of multi-jurisdictional concern.

In Thailand, we ensure that our clients are vigorously represented in the speediest, and cost effective forum that yields the highest form of relief. In the corporate context, often adaptive measures need to be taken exercising skills of judgment in pursuing litigation as opposed to out of settlement. At Silk Legal we devise the strategic plans and effective measures to navigate our clients through these portals in full evaluation and contemplation of the merits of a claim or defense.

Knowledge of rights is important. In the context of litigation, exercise of such knowledge with matching experiences and skills to attain goals are even more important. We ensure that the highest goals are attained by our clients through representation by our leading team of litigation lawyers.

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