Environment, Social, and Governance


The term “ESG” encompasses environmental, social, and governance concerns, but the specific interpretation of its meaning can vary and public perception is evolving quickly.

It is essential to understand the comprehensive ESG landscape, including the net zero transition, sustainable finance, human rights concerns in supply chains, and purposeful corporate governance. For businesses, the challenge lies in incorporating ESG considerations into daily operations and turning goals and aspirations into practical, achievable action plans. This is a significant undertaking and requires careful planning and execution.

Our team focused on ESG is knowledgeable about the market’s regulatory and policy drivers and has experience in various industries and situations. We take a comprehensive approach that addresses multiple areas such as climate change and efficient use of resources, respect for human rights and community involvement, prevention of bribery and corruption, transparency and disclosure, product governance, and overall risk management. We offer various services on this front.

  • Environment

    We can help clients understand and comply with regulations related to climate change and environmental impact. This can involve conducting environmental impact assessments, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies for reducing environmental impact.

  • Social

    Silk Legal can help clients meet social responsibility obligations, such as those related to human rights, labor practices, and diversity and inclusion. The firm can provide guidance on compliance with social regulations, develop policies to promote social responsibility, and assist with ESG due diligence when evaluating potential investments or partnerships.

  • Governance

    The law firm can help clients establish strong governance practices, including those related to board structure, executive compensation, and risk management. This can involve reviewing and developing governance policies and practices to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Dr. Paul Crosio

Partner, ESG Specialist

Responsibility and Sustainability

At our firm, we recognize that our employees, clients, and society as a whole have high expectations for ethical decision-making. We understand that the advice and actions we provide to our clients can have far-reaching effects both locally and globally. As a result, we prioritize accountability and transparency in all our operations, and strive to adhere to external standards that demonstrate our commitment to making a positive and lasting impact on the world around us.


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