Immigration & Visas


Navigating visa and work permit regulations can be challenging; however, given our expertise in the field, we possess the capacity to help our clients secure the documents they need.

  • Immigration & Visas

    At Silk Legal, we recognize that being a successful immigration law and visa advisor requires a combination of both in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. Our immigration lawyers have years of experience guiding clients past the hurdles and pitfalls of the bureaucratic maze. Whether our clients are seeking to study, get married, or simply to retire in Thailand, our immigration experts are well-versed in the specific rules and regulations and always take our clients’ entire situation into consideration in order to account for any overlooked implications and to obtain the most optimal-solution for their immigration goals.

    Our visa lawyers advise clients not only as to the basic rules and conditions, but our expertise also includes advice regarding long-term goals such as planning and preparation for permanent residency, as well as assistance with more immediate problems, such as visa extensions and overstay issues. We are also capable in tackling and designing solutions to more challenging and complex immigration matters that are becoming increasingly relevant to more and more people in the present day, most particularly, issues related to dual nationality, and seeking refugee status. In addition to our role as an advisor, we are also able to serve as our clients’ advocate and seek redress in administrative court for unfair government decisions in those situations where our clients have a just cause.

    The specter of global terrorism and cross-border crime have forced Thai immigration officials, as well as the Thai embassies and consulates all over the world, to adopt a more stringent enforcement of visa policies. In addition, Thai immigration law itself already comprises a complex web of acts, ministerial regulations, and departmental rulings. With over 30 different grounds for entering and staying in the country, the complexity of Thai immigration law and visa rules should not be underestimated.

  • Business Visas & Work Permits

    Transferring an executive to a new branch office in Thailand is not a matter that should be left entirely to the HR department. Nor should a foreign entrepreneur attempt to apply for a Thai business visa and work permit on her own without professional guidance. At Silk Legal, we are corporate and business law specialists who are well-versed in the nuances of Thai immigration and work permit law and are prepared to guide our clients through its bureaucratic labyrinth.

    The Thai legal system provides for different business visa rules depending on the corporate structure and investment size of the local employer. Therefore, not only are we able to simply apply for business visas and work permits for our clients’ executives and employees, but we are also capable of seeing the big picture, which means taking into account our clients’ entire organizational structure and expansion plans in order to design an optimal solution for bringing the most qualified people from their head office to shore up operations in Thailand. This consideration is particularly true if a client wishes to employ their foreign staff through a representative office or BOI-promoted local subsidiary, both of which are subject to a particular set of complex rules and regulations, and can only be accomplished with professional legal advice.

    Foreign entrepreneurs also stand to benefit from our professional guidance. The current business visa and work permit requirements do not take into account the particular circumstances of foreigners who are founding small and medium-sized enterprises in Thailand. Furthermore, for those entrepreneurs who are engaging in more technical businesses with additional licensing and permitting requirements, the complexity of the Thai bureaucratic system has the potential to turn what should be a simple matter into a complicated ordeal.

    At Silk Legal, our professionals have had years of experience as business and immigration law advisors. We have positioned ourselves as our clients’ trusted advisor for every legal problem.