Real Estate


Our real estate practice, which encompasses property due diligence, real estate development, and property ownership, assures our clients that their vested interests in property are fully maximized.

  • Property Due Diligence

    Due diligence are crucial when acquiring or investing in real estate property. This is because deed documents may not necessarily reveal the true state of a property, making a thorough due diligence process the only means of eliminating risks.

    At Silk Legal, we insulate the risks involved by carefully performing detailed analyses of deeds so that the ownership and and titles of a property are made certain. We also ensure that the details laid out in deeds correspond to the records at the Land Office, government permits are in order, and no encroachments are made with neighboring properties.

    Ultimately, we ensure that the property in question complies with relevant zoning laws and regulatory approvals. We also screen for any likelihood of pending litigation and suits to prevent complications after your desired property has been purchased.

  • Environmental

    Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD), under the Ministry of Natural Resources, requires compliance with a detailed set of environmental laws and guidelines. 

    Familiar with relevant environmental laws Silk Legal’s lawyers are well-equipped to advise clients on relevant regulations and can help clients comply with government policies regardless of whether they are involved in the commercial or industrial sector.

    Our services include developing internal environmental policies, advising on compliance matters, due diligence, health and safety regulations, factory building regulations and litigation. With special emphasis on acquisitions and development, we work with several stakeholders in order to assess the environmental impacts of a project.

  • Hotel and Hospitality

    Our team thoroughly understands laws relevant to the hotel and hospitality industrySilk Legal has represented various stakeholders, including developers, managers, franchisors, and franchisees, in matters that involve due diligence, negotiations, acquiring permits, and compliance with regulations.

    We are able to provide a wide variety of services in this field that range from transactional matters to those pertaining to the project’s corporate structure. Our lawyers are able to procure the relevant permits, facilitate acquisitions and sales, review financial and tax issues, and create internal policies that are relevant to the project.

  • Residential Property

    Thai laws surrounding ownership, interest, and attachment of rights to residential properties are complex. Silk Legal ensures these complexities do not get in the way of your endeavors.

    We help clients grasp the full extent of the implications of Thailand’s residential property and conveyancing laws to help them make informed decisions. Clients often seek counsel not only on ownership or transfer of property, but also on property management in accordance with the law. We prepare the required drafts and agreements, and provide legal advice on leases, tenancies, sublets, and assignments.

    We also look into complexities surrounding foreign ownership of condominiums, private properties, and land in Thailand which are governed by restrictive laws. Our advice further extends to making clients aware of the adjoining rights and interests to residential properties be it in the form of encroachments or easements.

  • Real Estate Development

    Our familiarity with laws pertaining to real estate development and construction makes us an ideal partner in addressing the complexities that plague these matters. We advise on all aspects related to these matters which include acquiring relevant permits, facilitating partnerships, and sorting through share structures. Matters we have previously handled range from residential developments to commercial establishments.

    Our aim is to protect the interests of the development projects we are representing while ensuring that they fully comply with applicable laws. We offer our clients several other services, including drafting requisite documents, due diligence, assistance with negotiations, preparing legal opinions and creating contracts. We also help our clients comply with the legislative and statutory requirements for corporations and provide guidance in the enlistment process with necessary government departments.