Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) under the Ministry of Natural Resources require compliance with a detailed set of environmental laws and guidelines. Combined with the population growth and concentration of resources, the need for adherence to such laws have become paramount in recent years.

There are numerous projects that are being put to operation under recycling and reuse of waste products like refuse-derived fuel production, solar and clean energy reliance, environmental management etc. Aside from government and non-profit measures, many organizations in the context of their global operations and in light of climate change are adopting to more nature friendly and carbon free methods of production.

At Silk Legal our lawyers are skilled at energy and environmental laws and possess the right legal acumen to advise clients on compliance and adoption of government policies. Our team at Silk Legal is highly experienced in assisting clients in complying with the relevant environmental codes and regulations, be it in the commercial or industrial sector.

Our services include development of internal environmental policies, advice on abidance with government policies and legislation, project due diligence, health and safe regulations, factory building compliance and litigation associated with environmental regulations.

With special emphasis on acquisitions and development, we work with our industrial partners, construction engineers and consultant to assess liability and environmental impact in terms of property acquisition and development.

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