Property Due Diligence

Real estate and property due diligence cannot be emphasized upon enough in terms of any acquisition or attachment of any form of interest or investment in land. The latest deed documents most often do not reveal the true state of the property in question and an effective due diligence is only means of elimination of risks.

At Silk Legal our team of lawyers insulate risks by ascertaining title and ownership through detailed analysis of years of deeds. The exact amount of properties and the boundaries and parcels of land are analyzed to ensure that the clients are fully aware of the nature of property in question and it’s adjoining rights, beyond face value and physical inspection. It is of paramount importance to also ensure that the details laid out in deeds correspond to the records at the Land Office, that there are no liens or easements, the government permits are in order and no encroachments are made with neighboring properties.

Our expert lawyers ensure safeguard our clients’ interests and reduce risk exposure by ensuring that the targeted property is in compliance with the relevant zoning laws, regulatory approvals and other government, commercial and / or environmental permits. Background search is carried out in exercise of the highest degree of care both on the targeted property and the background of existing owner to rule out of the possibility of any pending litigation, injunction or suits and that the property is clear of any liens, mortgages and third party interests, among others.

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