Residential Property

In Thailand the laws surrounding ownership, interest and attachment of rights to residential properties are complex. Silk Legal offers the best range of services to clients in understanding and exercising these rights pertaining to the properties.

Residential property laws and conveyancing laws are regulated by statutes and often by administrative regulations. We help clients in grasping the full extent of the implications of such laws and making informed decisions. Often clients seek our advice not only on ownership or transfer or property but on management as well in accordance with law. We prepare the requisite drafts and agreements and advise on points of legal nuances surrounding such transactions on leases, tenancies, sublets, assignments and usufructs etc.l

Foreign ownership of condominiums, private properties and land are governed by complex laws in Thailand. The ownership rights and interests are not always apparent on surface and this is where we help our foreign clients in guiding through the legal maze. Our advice further extends to making clients aware of the adjoining rights and interests to residential properties be it in the form of encroachments or easements.

We handle landlord-tenancy disputes and are skilled at representing clients in court in a vast array of disputes pertaining to eviction, termination of leases, injunctions, usufructs etc.

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