Silk Legal can assist debtors, creditors and other stakeholders in complex restructuring schemes and negotiations both in and out of court settlements. We are experts in cross border insolvencies, specifically US Chapter 11 cases, and a host of other specific laws involving financially-distressed corporate entities.

When dealing with restructuring, we can step in to negotiate with creditors on consolidation of debts, bonds and securities, mediate on employer and employee issues, protect intellectual property, assess tax liability and safeguard director liabilities.

Our experience in restructuring and deal making enables us to offer simple and sound advice not just to those facing imminent insolvency but also to those wishing to take proactive measures to capitalize on opportunities. Acting either for insolvency practitioners, lawyers or businesses involved in the insolvency process, our key strength is our ability to leverage our deep ties across the region to understand the complexities of multijurisdictional restructurings and provide our clients with effective solutions.

Silk Legal works with various restructuring professionals across the region including numerous law firms, accountants, liquidators, administrators and other restructuring professionals. Our ability to address complex issues facing our clients and provide innovative solutions is what we pride ourselves on.

Our professionals are active members of various professional organizations including the International Insolvency Institute, American Bar Association (Bankruptcy Committee) and Asia Transformation & Turnaround Association.

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