Silk Legal helps overcome the bureaucratic hurdles of startup formations or engaging in venture capital and private equity in Thailand.

  • Startups

    Silk Legal is in the unique position to provide legal advice to startups since many of our lawyers have been founders themselves. We understand the opportunities and challenges, the long hours and stressors, the inspiration and the rewards.

    We know what you have put into realizing your dream and we also have the know-how and legal expertise to make your dream a monetary success.

    Here are just a few of the ways we assist startups: crafting business plans, business development and advice, company formationintellectual property protection, securing funds via traditional or nontraditional avenues, procuring office space, stock and options, employment and compensation, incentives, contracts and agreements, non-compete and nondisclosure agreements.

    We are known for assisting founders in structuring relationships that will foster company success through introductions, founder agreements with interested prospective partners, equity crowdfunding deals, creating equity incentives and structuring debt financing arrangements with investors.

    Silk Legal aims to be a partner in your startup from before you get your first funding through your exit strategy.

  • Venture Capital

    Venture capital is a key driver of the digital economy in Thailand. Silk Legal supports both foreign and domestic venture capital firms in their investments both in Thailand and abroad. We have ties with some of the most successful local and foreign VCs and are active in the local investment community. Our extensive company investor client base allows us to leverage deep knowledge of market terms and relationships on behalf of our clients.

    Thailand nurtures startups with generous tax incentives and thus has become a notable venture capital hub in South-East Asia. However, most startups are driven to Thailand by mergers and acquisitions rather than by seeking to establish themselves independently. Common industries that attract funding are ecommerce, fintech, payment solutions, FMCGs and logistics.

    Silk Legal has successfully advised several foreign and local companies in legal execution of investment from local and foreign venture capital firms.

  • Private Equity

    We represent private equity institutions, management teams, debt providers and, very importantly, portfolio companies through all stages of the private equity life cycle.

    We understand how important it is to mirror the depth of sector experience displayed in the private equityindustry and our teams cultivate a strong sector-driven approach across all practice areas, enabling us to provide legal solutions from lawyers who understand the issues and challenges facing you and your business.

    Thailand’s requirements for registering as a private equity institution are governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC requires a detailed shareholder report and can grant special tax incentives, such as tax exemptions on dividends and capital gains.The SEC wants to incentivise growth in these industries via private equity: agriculture, biotech, energy and technology.

    With private equity becoming more important in Thailand and surrounding developing countries, Silk Legal is well placed to offer clients access to markets through our country partners.