Silk Legal helps overcome the bureaucratic hurdles of startup formations or engaging in venture capital and private equity in Thailand.

  • Venture Capital

    Our mission is to help emerging companies raise much needed capital and assist investors identify key opportunities for growth. By leveraging our extensive experience and relationships in the ecosystem, we are able to close deals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Starting from the seed stage, we are able to provide legal and business insights on legal implications, market trends, terms and structures, and possible sources of seed or venture capital. Combining these, we empower our clients to create effective strategies for pitching to investors and other stakeholders.

    Having spent several years establishing relationships in industry circles, including with investors, we are fully capable to making targeted introductions between ventures and possible investors. Combined with our familiarity with the regulatory, tax, and comparative law aspects of these transactions, we are well-positioned to serve your needs in these matters.



  • Private Equity

    Given the growing complexities and competition among private equity firms, experience, efficiency, and competence make the difference between making it or breaking it in the sector.

    Structuring transactions involves thoroughly analyzing investments and acquisition proposals while bearing in mind their added value. Leveraging our extensive experience in this field, we provide clients with advice on structuring and bids for transactions, negotiations, drafting acquisition agreements, and compiling financing documents. We also offer insights into offerings and transactions throughout all stages of a deal, from the initial fundraising and establishment of the private equity investment fund to the management of portfolio companies and exits from investments.

    Clients also rely on us to give precise solutions in other areas surrounding investments, including leveraged financing, tax structuring, dispute resolution, anti-trust regulations, and intellectual property protection.