At Silk Legal, our team of lawyers and business consultants are guides who help their clients explore the options for officially starting a business in Thailand. Whether an individual investor or a multinational company, there are an array of options for obtaining a company registration certificate in the country, and where the available options do not perfectly fit one’s business plan, Silk Legal will be able to formulate a solution suitable to any type of company formation or business registration.

In terms of locally-registered entities, Thai law provides for public companies, private limited companies, as well as different types of registered partnerships. Additionally, foreign-incorporated organizations are allowed to register and officially operate business as branch offices and representative offices. For multinational companies, there are also the options to register a regional office or incorporate a Regional Operating Headquarters, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Silk Legal is a specialist in obtaining BOI company status and foreign business licenses.

Silk Legal is able to do more than simply assist and guide its clients through the company formation process. Starting a business directly affects other legal issues such as tax implications and even visas for foreign staff. Our professionals have years of experience in the field of corporate law and our expertise is to take into account all the details and to create solutions which affect the overall scope of our clients’ business plans and expansion goals.

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