Silk Legal is in the unique position to provide legal advice to startups since many of our startup lawyers have been founders themselves. We understand the opportunities and challenges, the long hours and stressors, the inspiration and the rewards.

We know what you have put into realizing your dream and we also have the know-how and legal expertise to make your dream a monetary success.

Here are just a few of the ways our business startup lawyers assist new companies: crafting business plans, business development and advice, company formation, intellectual property protection, securing funds via traditional or nontraditional avenues, procuring office space, stock and options, employment and compensation, incentives, contracts and agreements, non-compete and nondisclosure agreements.

We are known for assisting founders in structuring relationships that will foster company success through introductions, founder agreements with interested prospective partners, equity crowdfunding deals, creating equity incentives and structuring debt financing arrangements with investors.

Silk Legal is committed to supporting the Thailand startup ecosystem.  We partner with a variety of incubators, accelerators, venture capital firms and investors.  We aim to be a partner in your startup from before you get your first funding right through to your exit strategy. If you’re searching for a lawyer for a business startup, look no further.