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The Thailand Elite Visa program is an initiative conceived by the Thai government to attract high-net-worth individuals, businesspeople, and investors into the country by offering long-term stay visas without the need to deal with the usual bureaucratic processes. The program also offers other privileges such as airport pick-ups, express passport lanes at Thai airports, lounge access across Thailand, and golf club memberships.

As Thailand gears itself to reopen for travelers, Elite Visa holders will be among the first foreign nationals to be allowed into the country, making the program even more attractive for those taking it into consideration. Currently Thailand’s borders are only open to returning Thai nationals, permanent residents, diplomats, and non-b/work permit holders. The Thai government is currently in the process of adding Elite Visa holders to that list. All arrivals are still subject to COVID-19 testing, health insurance, and quarantine procedures as set by the Thai government.

What are the requirements?

Generally speaking, the requirements for a Thai Elite Visa are minimal and only require applicants to be able to afford the fees (which vary according to the length of time they wish to stay in Thailand), although applicants of certain nationalities may be required to submit certain other documents for verification.

Packages cost anywhere between THB 500,000 to THB 2 million and give applicants a five to 20-year multiple-entry visa as well as additional privileges.

The Elite Visa, however, does not entitle the holder to apply for a work permit or earn income in Thailand, although they are permitted to become shareholders in companies, purchase condominiums, open bank accounts, and apply for driver’s licenses.

Applying for an Elite Visa is a simpler alternative for those seeking to remain in Thailand long-term. Silk Legal can assist in the preparation of documents needed for your application even if you are currently residing outside the country.

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